A primary school is how to learn the establishment of the lad

I, rural baby, now has more than half of the sixty years, primary school culture; at the end of twentieth Century 1999, see the computer for the first time in the black and white TV, the same year to see a black and white TV screen Ying computer training classes to learn dozens of days of PC; hard, seriously hard to learn this the door of high technology, will boot and shutdown, typing, came to Guangdong in an electronic factory played two years work, hurriedly came in twenty-first Century, lad I found myself unable to have enough knowledge greatly; in the new century in the survival and development, how to do? Have to redouble their efforts and continue to learn computer, so at their own expense to buy a second-hand computer using spare time began self-study computer course…

short, difficult! English do not understand, learn a little higher, what also cannot read! A work on the global online tutorial to learn to find information, learn ah! Ah! Find the subject all kinds of computer, if learning is to learn not learn! Think that this cannot continue, computer science you have to finish a! And I thought I should be where an entry and gradually improve, then see in the online netizens said the construction site can engage in Wangzhuan! This is not very good, it can learn to build a station, to make money online, that is not my low degree and solve the difficult to find a job the problem!?! Sure, to do so, first learn to do ", from the software download DW (I see other users say, I will do this, I will not write down English, so easy, but also thank you friends) began to learn Xi! But the problem came again, no teacher, no tutorial, you must say, DW tutorial all over the sky is, can this except my computer will not see the second computer, also get far worse to the field to buy hard Oh!!! Too hard how to learn, not stick to it is! So the heart a horizontal plane, is to buy a tutorial will have to buy! Go, go, not with, went to nearly two hundred kilometers outside the town to buy two of the DW tutorial.

well, there are tutorials, although it is not the words of the teacher, the teacher is better than not know!! I find myself just a title containing "Dreamweaver" tutorial, but buy back is English version of tears!! how to do? Have to think of ways so I ah! With the machine on the Chinese version of the software, the menu panel, attribute list to look a hard on, not to say and learning progress slowly astonishing! Get two or three months before the use of DW to build a visualization HTML page, little achievement, only their own psychological Touzhaoyue music, never dare to so I say ah! What a reflection, if present such a schedule to learn what God knows how long? The changing network era, change every day, how can I keep up with! But chose not to regret, insist to learn! Learning is not the last word. It’s the same thing. But the more you want to learn, the more difficult it becomes. How can this degree be so close?