ndustry website operation is more and more difficult, market analysis is successful password

industry has now become many webmaster competition site type, industry website operation is more and more small, there are many grassroots webmaster can manage, so when a construction site operation type threshold is small, the intensity of competition will be more and more big, the difficulty of the operation will be more and more but industry! There is a website that is good, but also vertical segments, until it becomes a single professional website, so the proper way to avoid the risk of such competition is still possible, including market analysis of a method is very good, we are going to market analysis application in industry site operational aspects


1: through market analysis, to locate target groups, vertical industry segments,

when we are in the operation of industry websites, how to identify the industry direction, development outlook late, and now have the profit pattern and so on, these are required by the market analysis can accurately determine, in addition, can also through market analysis, site positioning target groups effectively, with the ability to control the market. Will your industry website further subdivided, become the leading industry segments website, possible talent shows itself in the fierce competition in the


two: through market analysis, to confirm the advantages of the industry website on the Internet


when the site positioning well, how to play the advantages of the website on the Internet has become the key, or the website construction more beautiful, no matter how perfect the idea, but that is not what popularity, all-match, because industry site itself is relatively smaller than the audience, unlike some of the comprehensive site, East West light does not shine, there will always be able to apply the industry website users, once the lack of user support, or the industry people never thought of using the Internet to increase their knowledge! This is also the largest industry website, is to increase the scenery to the Internet, and the scenery itself but not many people about


so through market analysis, to confirm that the industry groups have the needs of the Internet, the industry website through the Internet has its own unique advantages, and traditional offline industry compared to the development of the Internet platform, there is no need to wait, all these need to be improved through market analysis, to help you make the final sure!

three: through market analysis, so that the development of the industry website more rapidly,

The trend of competition in the

industry website more and more obvious, if you do not let yourself be beyond our competitors, or let yourself go beyond the competition, all cannot do without the enemy, and want to know, we must first understand the market analysis, analysis of competitors in the market, look at how their advantage in the industry through the analysis. Will find the gap, find the key rivals, but through market analysis, it can find the industry in the common mode of Internet marketing, and explore new profit point and so on, these are also cannot do without market analysis, thus, the >