Discussion on the optimization technology of movie station

Hello, today we study together the optimization problem of the movie station, a purely personal opinion, not the local exhibitions, from 06 years up to now I have been engaged in the operation and optimization of the movie station, also be regarded as a result.

crap, now, first we should find out a network of mature movie station program, then buy space, domain name registration, then to the space program, OK, a movie station was born, so, how to make your own movie station in the search engine type has a good ranking can make their own stand with traffic, how to make their own stand to make money for themselves, these problems became a lot of new Adsense problems, here I will give you a simple talk about their own views.

first, should rapidly build the website, and let Baidu search included, you must first take a special name to the website, do not follow those big station just call it tudou.com and youku.com, as Baidu estimates a period of time will not included your station, because your station is the other station "fake" goods. You have to find the connection, I don’t know it, no one will give a collection of new sites do not connected, and its hard to find the connection, as do some free connection, I mean some of the large forum, Baidu know, Post Bar hanging on your website, this is also a very effective the.

second, find some searches the word can do keywords, and around these keywords in optimizing website content, the number of not less than 4 words, the search volume is not great, the keyword search more the word competition is bigger also, I believe that everyone understand this truth.


all done, this time Baidu included almost, try to find some links, then nothing more than posting, increase their outreach, is also a connection with the quality of the points, find some well-known sites for good, high weight is also good, the good is a single connection that is, others station do your connection, you do not do others (something sinister, but really good effect).

The last is

every day to keep your site updated using the above collection to avoid all blindly, a key acquisition of such things as the effect is not good, well, today he said so much, make the movie station can contact my friends, make friends, oh oh! I QQ:1037418829

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