Baidu K was not to know how to adhere to

I am not a technical person, although I have studied computers, but only fur, all day dreaming of a sudden explosion of rich me. Into the domain name industry. Become a minon. Have also sold domain names, although reached five figures, but this money will not be long, perhaps it is lucky.

is not always stable rice farmers income. Although there are rich rice farmers do, I was a loser, but I am unwilling to do an ordinary working life, though I have a stable job, but this is not a permanent solution, I chose to spare time to do their own station to station one day to earn money. Give up one’s work and try hard to do one’s own business. Ideas are beautiful. It’s too hard to take action.

himself had done five stops before and after, all because he did not insist, and finally ended in failure. Mostly because I have seen other industries better than this industry, the idea immediately changed, and finally nothing left. Oh. Please don’t learn from me. Look at this today. Look at that one tomorrow. Make sure you don’t change. Hang in there.

there’s a station, I’m printed like the deepest, I won’t collect it. It was first added manually. Little does one think。 Less than a month. Baidu brought 300IP. I’ve finally tasted it. So, the joy of success, learning, ha ha, what I learned, is to collect, through their own efforts a day, and finally learned to repeat the examples of others do. Let me learn so simple. Ecstasy, immediately into the collection. Less than two days, my information on the tens of thousands, and not a few days, Baidu and included, traffic on the 1000IP. But all of a sudden. When I was site:, I only found one. I don’t know what that means. I found the reason online, so I was K. All efforts are in vain. But had to adhere to, and I have been holding on for a month, suddenly one day. When I found site, Baidu even included me. 18000 messages, Baidu crazy? Traffic suddenly burst to 3000IP. I was ecstatic, but not a few days later, I was Baidu K again. It’s all over. I was completely disappointed, I repeated to find out the reasons, finally I realized that my original website is full of collection, repeated too much content, poor readability, this station is not K strange? If everyone who worked hard to do every day to the original collection of Web information how to survive, have to pay harvest.

then I realized that the station is to do it carefully. Really, no one can casually succeed. Must work hard. I hope all the new station friends don’t learn from me. Do a good job standing, like children care about their own station, and sometimes think of themselves, was it K was to understand all this? May be from Admin5 too late, if you can come earlier. May be less detours. Learned from the previous lesson, I have done a new station, card music brand network, we can have a look, >