09 years to do a mobile phone picture station developed

after the new year. It’s 2009 now. The new year. Here, I wish all grassroots level webmaster new year developed and developed. What station should we have for the next 09 years?. I guess many webmasters are thinking about it. I’m not free either. Recently started a mobile phone class

pictures website (www.shouji35.com) means mobile internet. Oh… Let everyone laughed. A clumsy one meter. But I like it very much. Personal preference.

beauty pictures, of course, the search volume is very large. Mobile phones are also good. Now many netizens are looking for some nice MM or non mainstream pictures on the Internet as their desktop. Some MM also like cartoon cell phone wallpapers. I think this site is not bad. There are fixed user groups. The search for the word "mobile picture" basically stays at about IP 1W per day. Nothing big has changed. You can do more long tail words. This will increase traffic. Let me draw an analogy..

you can add 200*300 non mainstream beauty pictures on TITLE. In this way, the word "200*300" will flow. You can also add a little bit of IP for your station. Do stand. A IP can’t let go. Oh… That’s what I think.

then what’s the profit from the mobile picture class?.

is an ordinary advertisement.

two is mms.

prices are very low right now. Basically, it’s a $0.5. Of course, the traffic is big. The collection will come naturally. (like a little words) my station is now ranked in the first three pages. The flow is not too large. It’s just a reference station for everyone.

you in the new year I wish in a. If you are interested, you can communicate with each other and do experience.