Dialogue with the strength of the station, benefited a lot

last week I talked to a powerful station owner and learned a lot. He has been doing websites for 7 years, and in reality he is regarded as the elder statesman. However, the network of things change and update too fast, past things are not necessarily practical now, not to mention later, so there is no veteran said, can only be used to describe the strength.

on the Internet, strength is everything. I showed him the website first and then told him about the new situation. Of course, to get the chance to talk to him is to pay first, this is what I learned to talk with the strong.

after he looked at the website, he asked what your website was. I said, "be creative.". He asked you, "what did your client say? How did your client comment on your website?" this time, I suddenly came up with a problem, that is, the concept of location.

a long time ago, I published a description of the law of location at this station. Which shows that the so-called real positioning, in fact, is in the minds of consumers looking for a gap, position. However, I myself did not really understand the meaning of location. He said, in fact, a web site positioning care in the customer’s heart, he first entered your site, this position already exists. Since then, no matter how your website changes, this position is difficult to change. Therefore, it is very important to make sure your website is positioned in the eyes of your customers.

for promotion, he told me that pushing the new hang QQ method is very creative, but he believes that this method is not long. I said that because of the constant upgrading of QQ chat rooms, many of the software developed was virtually inoperable. However, the most primitive manual methods have been effective. Because there are so many people in and out of the chat room every day. Basically, if you hang 10 QQ, traffic can easily reach 1000IP a day.

he asked, "there’s so much traffic. How much is your income?" I said. "No income.". He said, "what do you do without income? If you give me these 1000 IP, I can make 100 dollars a day.". Flow is good, the survival of the site is fundamental, but the input must be compared with the returns, the proportion of the high and low on the strength of the decision. Without income, there is no need to invest in traffic, technology or money, rather than keeping it.

Under the

, my head sweat heart. Start from the website, I have thought about the profit problem. As soon as implicit advertising was launched, the site crashed and lost for some time.

he asked, "how long has it been since the restoration?" I said for 8 months. He asked, "how long did it take to get to the stable for the first time?" I said for 4 months. He asked me to do the same website. Why is there such a gap between the first and the second? I said I don’t know. He said it was interest, and at first you mastered a special method of flow, so you reached a high level of traffic that someone else might have done in a year