After the website is revised greatly, the loss is reduced to the minimum

a few days ago, my own website was revised. The site has undergone a large-scale revision, including the home page, cover page, column page, content page, all revised. After revision, search engines for the weight of the site but no drop, and there are signs of ascension, the following talk about how I did, and share the experience to you. Here’s a screenshot of the evidence.


above is my latest snapshot of the site, but also after the revision of the snapshot, with WWW snapshot, but also my main optimization of the domain name.


this is no revision before the snapshot, because before the revision, the site at the interface between primary and secondary is not clear, is not conducive to the search engine crawl, for users, the layout is too mediocre, after careful consideration and revision plan, achieve today’s achievement.


, you can see my own website history included, has no drop sign, the only sign is snapshot pause for 2 days, and then through the original update every day, restore the snapshot, updated every day.

1, first of all, I take the first revision large-scale reform, but the structure adjustment in relative terms, not many, is mainly the head I add fast navigation, and increase the recommendation feature articles for users and search engines more convenient access. The lower part of the section I just put the structure section of the split after the differentiation of the structure, and then in the content and the users pay more attention to the content of other minor content removed, mainly taking into account the volume of web pages, not before the revision, my site loading bandwidth is about 2M. That is to say, the user opens my website to load in 10 seconds, after revision, reduced by half, about 5 seconds, after all home pictures relatively more.

2, the cover page, take the method and home page, I put on the cover page content from the new subdivision, and in order to reduce the content of loading, some secondary content removed, thus speeding up the page loading time. And in the beautification of the interface and function more user-friendly operation, more friendly for search engines.

3, I changed the list page in the structure is not very much, with classification navigation I added in the list page, which helps users and search engine users want to quickly find the content of fast filtering for more content website is a must to do.

4, on the structure and content of the page no revision, even only the head revision, the other is the CSS style and add a page, the next page, and links to other pages, the rest is just in the CSS revision, make the whole site unified style.