Tips for free website promotion do more manual work

SEO and the content of a website to do limit, want to have a greater breakthrough in the flow, there are two methods: one is to pay, through well-known website packages and other forms of advertising, let others bring you flow; the other is not money, rely on their diligence and wisdom to earn flow. Today, Wu Yi blog in-depth study of the topic is: do not pay, rely on their diligence and wisdom to earn traffic.

one, through dry physical work to taste the practical experience of promoting sweetness

first introduced the two brothers: Mou Changqing, Baidu entered the website promotion plan "ranked second blog webmaster; Lou song song, half a year to do a good blog traffic 80.

Lu Songsong blog is one of the most promising blogs in the multi independent blog, and he said in his personal website: "BBS promotion, the more the better the account.". For example, when I used to do Baidu post bar, there are more than 200 ID, specifically with a document recording account name." "Why Lu Songsong’s blog comments are so high, the biggest reason is that his blog is mainly rely on comments on other people’s blog.". During the six months, Lu Songsong left a comment on 15000 independent blogs, 15000 horrible numbers, and to tell you the truth, it makes it difficult for me to collect 15000 blogs, let alone 15000 blog comments."

Wu Yi’s personal blog, Jian Bo in three months, in addition to the search engine, through Post Bar posting, blog comments, release the source code three, can bring nearly 300IP traffic, a day rarely, there are two reasons: one is the amateur webmaster, professional technology Co.; two is only to do blog in 8 hours, pass away the time, no money, there is no energy to do much work (after all, it worked only on physical labor income earned 300IP, 300IP has been very fair).

two, website promotion through dry physical work

1, find the place to flow. If the decision in the Post Bar promotion website or forum, we must learn to use non popularity and extending tentacles to others to flow: one is non popularity. The registration of multiple ID, posting their own reply; manually or automatically refresh their posts by software; post will add to favorites, go to work every day back once, his top post to the front (for Baidu Post Bar); non popular purpose is by pulling action groups with attract people to click on your links. Two is extending tentacles. Reply to hundreds of others every day and their website theme related posts, may bring thousands of traffic.

this is no limit, bring the flow is also no limit (by posting every day to earn There are plenty of people who 20000-30000IP). But face the risk of being ID (IP) for content too conspicuous (AD flavored Tai Nong). Getting in the habit of clearing your computer COOKIES or reconnecting your broadband to replace IP can reduce the risk.

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