The nternet is vertical and the potential of grassroots webmaster should not fight alone

the Internet is vertical and the potential of grassroots webmaster should not fight alone

vertical and horizontal short horizon, the Warring States period and advocated and promoted the foreign and military policy. I have combined "people in the world and gather in Zhao to attack Qin" ("the Warring States Qin CE" · three), he lobbied the six princes, to unite against Qin West to six. Qin in the west, North and South connected six land, and so. Opposite is the combined vertical and horizontal policies. Zhang Yi once lobbied the six countries to let the six countries serve the Qin State together. During the Warring States period, Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei, Qin Qixiong and. In the middle of the Warring States period, Qi and Qin were the most powerful. They fought against each other and fought for each other, in an attempt to defeat each other. Other countries also fight together, not resigned to playing second fiddle, Qin sometimes, and sometimes combined. Great conflict intensifies, diplomatic activities are more frequent, the vertical and horizontal struggle.

The essence of

gezonglianheng is the powers of the Warring States period of China and to win over the diplomatic and military struggle. Although the final hezong Lianheng plan to defeat. Qin eventually unified in the world. But have to praise the ancient wisdom and strategy brought us a wonderful history. In modern times, the ancient gezonglianheng thought is still widely into various fields of play. Especially in today’s Internet, showing the potential of the feudal lords vying for the throne to Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, led by internet giants such as Internet predators to control the overall situation, the major portals, e-commerce giant, social networking sites, B2B/B2C vertical industry constitutes the second echelon of the internet. And to millions of grassroots AdSense for the core of small and medium-sized Web site is the third echelon. The first echelon of the control of the Internet monopoly market, the overall situation, with the Warring States Chyi Chin potential, while the second echelon also has strong competitiveness can be compared with them not resigned to playing second fiddle, four princes. The third tier is like the Warring States period in some countries, the unknown weak, although the heart but unable to fight with the giants.

of course, history and reality are similar, but the ending can not be the same. At present, the Internet is set off a vertical and horizontal competition, the marriage of cooperation in combating split. But in the end will be a result of what remains to be seen and it is worth looking forward to, is a dominant monopoly of the Internet, or II separate regime, remains to be seen. But the war without smoke has spread out.

international, YAHOO’s failure to buy Microsoft, has not tried to compete with Google in the online search market. The strategy is to buy YAHOO’s search business fully and get YAHOO’s core search technology, and the two officially reached an alliance to work together against Google". Just as the six countries of the union, but under the name of hezong huaiguitai, finally, may not be able to achieve good results. In the domestic Internet, and the trend is more obvious, can be described as fast, hope to reach 1+1 2 the effect of "hezong. The public + private partnerships, public and private + private public cooperation, cooperation; there is a double negative expectations of the cooperation, there are private + private, size "S" >