Site filing suffered irresponsible host

, this is my real website record experience, written out to tell novice webmaster to carefully select the host, don’t repeat my complex.

, I built a station in February of this year, and chose the Joomla program. I bought the space in a company called the most professional PHP host, which is quite expensive. Get started what also do not understand, open space for half a month, only to find that this space does not support the Joomla, even if I only eat yabakui. The following is the record, that I host provides information about 20 days later he gave me a record number, I was very happy, so quickly, and do not have to bother, good.

next two months, I want to build a new site called Chinese family space, but also to find a good support Joomla space providers, new sites upload up, but also to the record. The host business asked me to go to the record center to register a user name for the record, I went to register a, enter my record information, but prompted the record for the main repeat, can not be filed. So I checked my record number of original information, that is to use my ID card to prepare the case, but I had to record the host there never gave me a registration center username and password, so I ask for my record information to them, and they said because they are unified a batch record, so there is no record of my personal information, I will not be able to add another station entry information, call me with someone else’s identity to my new record, I faint. Later I will be reflected to the host business there, he explained: "I give you the original that the host is not access providers, he did not understand the record subject is unique, and they are used to record your identity, they have the obligation to help you find your username and record the password, if they do not give, is a violation of your rights, and your new station if you use someone else’s identity for itself is illegal. Besides, they are not an access provider, so you go ask who their access provider is, and go directly to the access provider to go back to your record user name and password."

I Huang Dawu, they are responsible for filing my back, I strongly want to tell them, but the answer is not possible, also said they knew an identity card is only a station, said I don’t know, I was them enough, was ridiculed for ignorance, really mad at me, but in their place of space before three months, is not good to offend them, had to endure, they learn only from the access provider they offered to me in Shaanxi, I found that access providers reflect the views, but also can not find the answer to my record data. I was disappointed and suffocating.

I have access to information about filing center, know that the most professional provider of PHP they are simply nonsense, a person as a subject can be a lot of record filing stations, like them, is extremely irresponsible, but also a serious violation of my rights.

I think >