Reflections on energy-saving home website

from the East China website operations center (QQ group 49327223) news: the first legal portal – in the care network revision, has officially launched in Beijing on June 30th 20.


users group witnessed the care network beta version for the first time.

this group of friends, also on the part of the net revision is discussed.

, the first from the "user centered design", see the care network revision.

(1), clearer navigation design.

designs the services provided by the site clearly in navigation. Compared to the old version of navigation, the visual experience is more enjoyable, and the arrangement of columns is more reasonable, avoiding confusion.


secondary navigation (legal knowledge) are too distracting (navigation).

(2), pay attention to search.

for legal website, law library, law firms and legal knowledge base information database, information database, legal advice, legal news information database, legal blog information library, because of its large amount of information, how can let users get what they need their own. Then you need to build a powerful and practical station search.

in the old version in web page, the search is not in an important position, but in a fusion and navigation. This raises the question: what is the relationship between search and navigation?.


multiple search, jump high (ignore user click behavior), easy to let users feel confused.

does not take into account the design of empty search scenarios.

lawyer / law firm / blog / news search adds process for users and can cancel area search.

(3), personality, functional design,

designs personalized functions for different users and provides services to local users.

into sub station design, local case commissioned design.


second, from the part of web page revision, legal service website operation.


writes: guest online operations director, industry background: legal industry / e-commerce