Use the webmaster tool to diagnose the site

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operating web sites is a very complex thing, so we provide webmaster tools to help you find potential problems and prevent them from evolving into real problems. Some of these findings are relatively small (for example, repetitive titles and descriptions), but there are some big issues (such as we can’t access your website). Although the webmaster tools can’t tell you exactly what specific changes need to be made, it can help you find potential problems that you need to solve.

, let’s take a look at some of the examples we’ve met at the webmaster support forums:

does your server treat Googlebot as an ordinary web visitor?

although Googlebot tries to behave like an ordinary user, some servers may still be confused and respond in a strange way. For example, when a user with Googlebot user-agent to access your server, although most of the time can be the perfect job, but there are some servers running IIS server will return error (or some of the other and an error occurred on the server related operation). In the Webmaster Help Forum, we have had to return to the 500 error IIS server (server error) and 404 error (file not found) in " web crawling " part of the diagnosis, and submit the site map (Sitemap) 302 error file. If your server redirects to the wrong page, you should make sure that we can grab this error page and make sure the server returns the correct error code. When you do this, we can display these errors in the webmaster tools. If you would like to know more about this problem and possible solutions, see:

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if your site is hosted on the server running Microsoft IIS, remember that the site is, in nature, case sensitive (and we are dealing with them as well). This includes the URLs that appear in the robots.txt file. >