Viewing user experience at the viewer’s point of view

sites are created for visitors, so the site should be based on user experience from the day it is built. In the commodity economy, the customer is God, also applies in our stationmaster body,


, like the Xiamen SEO blog, has been written from an introduction to the homepage, "everything is user experience oriented."". Now let me give you some examples of Web sites that affect the user experience. (viruses and illegal stops are not included.)

1. site pictures, deformation, fuzzy, or graphics wrong. There is no bright spot in the picture.

2. browser is not compatible. For example, normal browsing in IE6 can distort the shift in IE7.

Too many pictures of

3.Flash, too large, slow loading, leading to browser crashes,

4., some forums, community settings need to register users to browse posts, but do not know, therefore, the loss of a large number of potential users.

5., into the home page, has not yet seen the text, the audience is a big pop.

6. site color matching, template background color because it is too dazzling, so that visitors dizzy


7., some webmaster because afraid of garbage information, so in reply to the post set up layers of barriers. To reply to a post, you need to verify the 1-2 answer. I do not know how many users will abandon the idea of communication.

8. shows on the Google search results page that the site has a virus, and you focus on Baidu without notice,


9. because of too little money, but in the Links on selling a lot of PW links, he.

10. do mall site whether have considered, 1 400 telephone will be more than a QQ customer service number, let customers more assured, at the same time, the 4 QQ number will be more than 1 QQ more trust.


11. website is full of free access to 6 QQ false ads, not just as much revenue. Instead, it reduces the trust of the website and decreases the rate of return.

12., before the user leaves the website, returned to him to flick "whether to leave the website whether collect" (this is not learning monk’s monk)

website, especially mall enterprise station, should be the user experience as the most important. From the customer’s point of view of the site, and ultimately get the user’s favorite!


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