Talk about how to choose a virtual host that saves worry and money

has done so many websites since 2004, and there are very few problems. QQ group friends often ask me why I choose the virtual host than a lot of the company’s host are cheap and stable? So in view of the above situation, the virtual host our years of purchasing experience to do the following summary to share with you: We used to do a comparison of all the host, not only virtual host, for any a product, nothing more than three kinds of cases:

first: don’t save money, but worry,


such service providers are generally in the country’s most well-known industry or the country has a certain reputation brand service providers, such services in the country is not too many. Do these enterprises in fact the price is already selling more brands, such as "belong to the class of service providers network". Just like the same cloth made of the same style of two suits, with different brands, sold the price will have a huge gap. Such products are suitable for more "rich" customers, belonging to the noble host.

second: save money, save worry,


service providers generally within the region have a certain visibility or more well-known service providers, the number of such services accounted for relatively large, there are few in every area of the country, their product quality and service level according to the regional resource environment and technical strength and uneven. Because of its formal licensing business for the state, the product quality and service are guaranteed, and the virtual hosting products of this kind of service providers are cheaper than those of the first type of service providers. This type of service provider has undertaken the largest number of customers in the country and is the main force in the country’s virtual hosting service industry. Also involved in this industry for some years, I understand in the Hangzhou area of the consultation, "Chinese name" in East China has developed into a certain strength and even the whole southwest and East China are well-known IDC businesses. Allow large companies to build China’s cost-effective virtual enterprise hosting services as the goal, it is in this category.

third: save money, but don’t worry!


in the business license made in national conditions, in order to lower the cost of doing business, this kind of general for individuals or groups of individuals a few illegal operation, both financial and technical strength is relatively weak, the short-term economic benefits for the target, with low cost, is currently the lowest price on the market in the virtual host the sale, buy this kind of host does save money. As a result, customers who are buying virtual hosting services for the first time are the primary target customers of this type of service provider due to lack of experience. Customers tend to buy products, seems to be the beginning of a period of time is very good, but "Luyao horse", this kind of service products tend to support less than a year has been paralyzed, frequent quality problems, technical service force also can not keep up, so let the customer for service providers was helpless a. Recently, the IDC authorities in the country have dealt with the rectification of unlicensed service providers and brought fatal death to such service providers