Out of the Baidu snapshot of the haze

in the forum to see a lot of webmaster reaction own website snapshot, most of the snapshots are concentrated in May 14th, May 21st, May 22nd and the recent stay in. The amphoteric station (www.zuoai-8.cn) snapshot stop in May 14th, finally last week to update, just forward to May 19th, and other stations also slow correction compared three or four days.

what is the reason there is such a big adjustment? I believe we recently at the time of site must have noticed above (hint: find relevant web page number is estimated, do not represent the true number of results, for reference only. Tips for Webmaster Help).

I guess it has something to do with the recent search engine launch. The above again stressed their position, but also explained the site is not updated and not included reasons.

is a snapshot of some of the problems of site warning, such as my stand for space, to the site a few days open. Spiders don’t grab web pages, so they can also be problematic sites. Copy of a careful analysis of the new Webmaster Help we can see that the website content is too strong, invisible to the user, or any place to deceive users content, adding hidden text or hidden links on the web page, add a keyword not associated with web content in a web page may be search engine warning.

search engine love unique original content, in the snapshot, the first task is to webmaster website updated original or high quality pseudo original, continuously updated a few days later the search engine will crawl to your site changes. Pay attention to this time, don’t add website keywords, don’t make any optimization.

through several days of continuous updating the original article, I stand today home page snapshot 30, successfully get rid of snapshot.

No matter

website snapshot phenomenon is a kind of adjustment of weight is not the search engine on the web, but we can know that this happens is certainly site problems.

analysis from the search engine of the Webmaster Help, short-term snapshot will not affect the site’s ranking and weight (of course, except a few stations) estimated a long time will certainly affect. If the snapshot problem caused by the search engine itself, oh ~ is not for us about.

more than just some of his conjecture, snapshot problem is welcome to continue to discuss the statements of a school.