Cold noodle failure memoirs takeaway O2O will fall in 3 times

main cold noodle takeaway O2O brand "Westwood companion business from last autumn stopped. The whole project a total of 3 months of preparation, the promotion of 5 months, and a total of 150 thousand yuan to take into account. A small project that has been invested a lot, including preliminary design, mold, looking for oem…… Although the excellence, and full Internet thinking, but doomed.


founder Nishiki Rhan Li Ming in checking the whole project, to billion state power network recalls, the category is too single, seasonal distribution is too strong, the cost is too high, the price does not go on, post operation has been in play rough, takeaway O2O this way.

main contradiction lies in the speed of service control is too weak. For example, if the user orders, is our own distribution, up to half an hour to arrive, and these partners cannot be delivered quickly, an hour, or even 1.5 hours. This is a bad user experience, even if there is no repeat of cold noodle and delicious." Li Ming believes that from the self brand, to share the economic occasion to do an open platform, takeaway O2O will soon usher in the 3 era, the line will become a strong force of cohesion, and complicated as the capillary like flow entrance, such as can not grasp, most O2O venture all will repeat the mistakes of the Westwood companion.

The following

is Li Ming readme, billion state power network:

three deadly wounds

Nishiki Rhan O2O was selected at the point of entry is particularly unfavorable. Takeaway O2O two must be occupied "highs": high price can be high, if not on the high frequency, the two accounted for at least one, the two are not accounted for, to a long shelf life. When a cold noodle, sold 15 yuan, the unit price is relatively high in the cold noodle, but belongs to a single category, the overall price does not put up; cold noodle does not belong to just, this is not accounted for the high frequency; shelf life with lunch than is long or short, but on the whole. The results of these three are not accounted for, resulting in very high operating costs.

These three points

do better, for example, the two still do:

is a spicy food O2O, do spicy crawfish (Spicy Seafood Series), not high, shelf life is not long, but the price is high, a price of more than 90, if a few samples (abalone, lobster, flowers, snails) are basically more than and 300, customer price 300 ~ 500 yuan, it is you can maintain high profit.

the company less than 20 single day, turnover of 6000 to 10 thousand, corresponding to 6000 of turnover to me, equivalent to 400 cold noodle. This is the way to solve the problem through high customer price.

a fruit takeaway O2O company, customer price low, but high frequency. It takes the toB way to solve. Fruit alone to buy is a low frequency behavior, but the fruit is definitely high frequency when welfare. A fruit take out O2O company with many companies to achieve cooperation, >