Some tips on Web page editing techniques

in 2009 in the New Year approaching, feeling too fast at the same time, review the work in 2009, as do network editor for two years, what to make up? Think about it, for the website content editing work, really have something to say. Communicate some of the personal skills you’ve learned over the past two years with the big guys.

1, the site is always content is king

with the development of network technology, it is now the site of a wide variety, of every hue are bright and beautiful, some do, some look gorgeous, everyone to start, but also is to better attract the attention of Internet users, the Internet analysis what is the purpose of the website browsing content on? He needs to get, the content as a site, you do no matter how beautiful, always is that content is king, and now the search engine on the content, good content is more and more popular, so do the content, you must consider from the user’s point of view, the user wants to know what you can tell him what, straightforward. The length should not be too long. Your heart for the user’s sake, the user will give you money. At the same time, search engines also continue to strengthen the user experience, your article makes sense, search engines will recognize you.

2, pseudo original article skills

of course, if you can each article are Qinliqinwei to yourself, that is again good however, the search engine is love action molecules like, but when your ability and energy is not up to the purpose, should take some skill to do false original article, fool the machine, then need to know some pseudo original skills. Pseudo original focus should pay attention to these points:

clear the focus of an article, the promotion of keywords, individuals suggest an article, the best only targeted push a word, so that the effect is obvious. Ensure that the word in the full text density of about 3%-8%, should not appear too much.

II, modify the title, the title must change.

. The 200 words at the beginning of the article should be written by yourself. The key words you want to focus on should be repeated several times in this passage.

middle part, can find several articles to borrow, of course, synonyms can be replaced, reverse the order of paragraphs, content to make appropriate additions and deletions, but to ensure that the article smooth.

there are many editors complain that Baidu does not include its own articles, so first of all, reflect on whether you are too lazy and unwilling to make too many changes. Finally incidentally one, search engines often adjust algorithm, gathering station will gradually be shielded, only the original or close to the original site, is the long-term development plan.

3, appropriate to do the article in the chain

from the point of view of convenient users, or SEO, you should do the inner chain. What’s the inner link? It’s the link between the pages in your site. Links can be added to the keyword in the article, and can be recommended after the article