Talking about the survival of site navigation station

since is Baidu, was acquired by GOOGLE after the site is more like the bamboo shoots after a spring rain like vitality, especially recommended 114la open source web site, the station construction site navigation station greatly reduced the threshold. A domain name + space + open source code, deploy +LOGO design + background modify title information, but half a day, site navigation station can be built.

although the popularity of the navigation station, the real traffic is also very few. Is the traffic, such as and even the bright younger generation, even 520 meters digital has become such a good site navigation station:, and friends station should be perfect, have joined the site navigation in a cup of soup.


site navigation station has the advantages of simple web page, rich navigation station set home can be removed after the record. The troubles, disadvantage is that the page is monotonous, lack of interaction, on the current site cannot be evaluated, especially the prevalence of WEB2.0, the original site navigation station is more like an expired product. Although it is prosperous at present, the long-term development is bound to face the road of transformation.

I personally feel that if you do need to change the navigation station, now the single mode, some more innovative ingredients, as far as possible to increase the interaction or comment inside a function, not only can access to the website through it, you can also use it to review the sites included, we understand this site using the views and suggestions are at heart in If you click on the more, the higher estimation. At the same time will be in the home show, this website popularity is high, the user choice is greater, is no longer in the webmaster what, users can only passively choose what.

believes that such a website will lead to a more diverse experience and will go further. At present, please paizhuan. My website has also made some attempts in this respect. You can get the following information about the website.

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