Seven methods of influencing user behavior


site uses psychological techniques to influence user behavior. The use of academic research for decades to explain our way of thinking and making decisions, web designers can use triggers to attract the user’s attention and persuade them to sign up for a new service, purchase products, spend more money, or even create a new habit.

some sites use game elements to promote interaction, and some, like Apple, use technology to keep themselves in mind. This article summarizes some of the lessons learned in the hope that we can help you correctly use psychology to create better user experience.

1 is rare,

Design for the Mind author Victor Yocco is the use of psychological shortcuts in the design advocates.

"people like to think that they have what others can’t get, and people think that the value of something is limited.". This is the scarcity effect. People are more likely to take action when the amount of something is limited or the approach is limited. We can use this in web design, such as adding a timer element when a user needs to make a decision."


Washington Post uses the "scarcity effect" to warn readers that if they don’t subscribe, they’ll miss the good stuff,

, "we can show users that there is a limited number of items or a time limit for users," he said. "On a content oriented website, we can allow users to upgrade and access exclusive quality content, or to show a brief preview of the content to the user, and then ask them to subscribe to more content. If you want to issue a new product or major update, you can issue an exclusive invitation to people and invite them to invite a limited number of friends to watch the preview. Successful companies in this area include Amazon and Ebay, as well as news websites that push exclusive content to subscribers."

2 make full use of social influence

Yocco also recommends adding social elements to your product.

"human beings are essentially social animals," Yocco says. "People want to use products that their friends and peers use, and they want to communicate with each other when they are meaningful. This can be seen from the expansion of social media and the success of companies such as Facebook and Snapchat. Add a design element that promotes social experience on your site, which will make your product stand out and increase usage."

below is a few suggestions from Yocco for maximizing the use of social influence:

· provides a direct way to share content or product information from a single page

· allows users to import friends or allow users to invite friends directly