Some new thoughts on how to increase the unit price of click advertising

How to improve the

click on the ad unit, many owners are taken into account, how can in a short time to build a website can bring you income, each of which is a novice first want to know the actual difficulties are very difficult to do. How to make clicks advertising higher prices, but also a large number of IP traffic website owners want to know the problem.

looking back, the first time Wangzhuan this line, is also quite a few detours. A lot of information on the Internet are stereotyped, turn and, of course, some articles are written well, very valuable, but for novices to read, or some difficulty. Below, I from how to improve the click advertising unit price, talk about a few simple new thinking.

himself has four independent blogs, with two websites placing ads for the Baidu alliance. Personal feeling, or the advertising alliance of big companies, is worth relying on, so I have been doing it all the time. One of the most important reasons is that I have done Baidu alliance advertising, because the Baidu union advertising matching, is to customers in Baidu search came to your website search word to match the advertising.

, for example, to me a just two weeks of on-line BB Cream station as an example, the key word is "what brand of BB cream", if a customer in Baidu search the keywords, then come to my site, then eighty percent, he saw the Baidu advertising is about "BB cream" advertising.

if your computer is not displayed on "BB cream" ads, then you clear your browser cache, or for a browser, you re do it again at the top of the movement, certainly 100 show a "BB cream" advertisement.

said that, I can definitely tell you that the advertising match is good, then the resulting hit unit price is relatively high. For example, direct input to my site address, came to my website, then he saw the ads, and search "what brand of BB Cream easy to use" came to my website, people see is not the same. For the second came to my website, so advertising is matching, therefore, likely to click on ads, and open the ads, at least for a few minutes or so, this transaction, click price will be very high. The first person to come to my website may not click on the ad, or click it immediately, and the price will be very low, even 10 Fen or a few cents. Here is a screenshot of my new site, After applying for the Baidu alliance, the only click of second days, this one click for 4.86 yuan. Search terms through Baidu statistical analysis should come from "what brand of" BB cream "easy to use."".


says above is the same website advertisement click unit price problem. Here, I mainly from the point of view about how to improve the Wangzhuan click advertising unit.