Talking about how to share six methods of tourism website


has been engaged in the tourism industry for many years, in the traditional business is relatively successful, but in recent years, the traditional business is affected by the rise of the web has shrunk considerably, so I want to use their own resources to build a tourism website, so in the beginning of this year to make their own preparations for nearly three months the website officially launched, to now almost eight months, in this eight months inside my website from zero to 1890 now, the reverse link also reached more than 4000, but the snapshot is from November 20th, although these results for some old Adsense is not what, but for me personally or very satisfied, here to write out some of my experience to do the tourism website

, to share with you!

fix: the first is the high quality content, the collection function has not been cold, has not learned, although he learned a way, but let me update method of high quality web content, that is what I’m traveling all the contents on the website is my one artificial articles uploaded! So many contents on the line will not be included in Baidu


two: for the website of the tourist attractions, I didn’t copy in the network, but to find two of the tourism encyclopedia books, find the right spots from the book, in accordance with the classification of columns, of course are tour companies are promoting, and these contents are original


three: although originally did not do a good job in the choice of the site keywords, but at least to their own web site to do a good position, so the replacement of several web site keywords are not leaving the positioning of the site are related to tourism, so Web pages in and not what effect


four: in the beginning I knew the importance of the site map, then quickly made a site map submitted to Baidu, but later found the site map should be in XML format, and I was using the PHP format, it is no wonder that I have been the site map is invalid. Then quickly re production, finally solved the problem of

site map!

five: so far from the construction site, every day I keep updated every day about 10 articles of the original article, also may be an important reason for my website Baidu snapshots are updated every day, but my website snapshot has been lagging behind the day, hope that through my efforts to do the day to update


six: that is long-term unremitting doing the work of the chain! Do the chain, I summed up the method, and also hope to help you!


1) at the beginning of the site I in Baidu, Sina and NetEase and the Sohu portal opened blog, there are other small blog, but I focus in this update portal blog, and the blog will soon be Baidu included, but I didn’t in the blog to join my travel website URL >