Talk about how to do a local dating site

I’m dating website system development and sales work a few years in the process, who helped build the local stationmaster of a lot of dating sites, in this process, there have been many webmaster and communicate with customers and communication, it is necessary to feel what to write. This article is mainly for the majority of webmaster friends to provide some good dating site operation ideas, in order to better local dating site operation.

1, site positioning is very important,

Since the choice of the

want to do or do local dating sites, so you must have some understanding of this industry, as well as local website market prospects, so before you begin, the positioning of the site to make sure that.

is divided into two parts in our consulting clients, one is experienced, the other is inexperienced. Experienced part of the webmaster, mainly focused on the usefulness of the site, the focus of the site features and personalized, as well as some of the details of the function, operation, etc.. No experience of the owners, are often focused on the function of the website is complete, whether enough, but not after the actual situation to assess the actual demand of the website users or not, not to consider the operation cost and energy.

local dating sites, positioning needs to pay attention to regional, accurate customer groups, site features, ground gas and so on are the basic elements.

very much suggest that you can find an important feature of the site, and then this site features as the main direction of development of the site. For example, focus on activities, focus on the chat room, focus on opening interactive, focus on the micro dynamic interaction, focus on the key WeChat city dating matchmaking and so on, grab a website function as the site of the site location features, so clear, no matter in the operation, profitability, marketing, and user paste and operating costs are very big advantage.

two, website landscaping is very important,

"people rely on clothes, website on packaging, packaging and landscaping website on your dating website success is a very important step. Visitors to your dating site, to their feelings, the most intuitive manifestation is that your site do well, and then go to understand your site function module, and the site’s service module.


website page style to your website and should, like your dating website theme is local high-end dating sites, so the dating website template needs to be matched, can reflect the high-end high-end, high-end dating website template.

in a word, the landscaping of the website is very important. It is an important factor for the user to visit your site again.

three, local dating sites to ground gas

since it is a local dating site, it is necessary to know that the local "local" refers to the regional, can be a city, a county. The user population and service object of the website is this range >