Xi’an ancient talent network webmaster hard pioneering Road

first introduced the ancient capital of Xi’an network, the site is located in Xi’an local talent recruitment website, service groups are small and medium enterprises and college students employment groups. The website is based in Xi’an and faces the whole country.

in the fall of 2008, I saw a news on the Internet that a prefecture level city in Shaanxi allowed public servants to resign and encouraged entrepreneurship. I saw the news on me, I think for a long time, now that pressure, state and government in order to link social employment pressure into the ways to increase jobs through entrepreneurship to create more employment opportunities, which is now called the national entrepreneurship activities are carried out in the country like a raging fire. Before, I worked for a network in Xi’an for a day, and I was interested in the Internet myself, even though I didn’t study computers. (I studied at the University of international economics and trade). Out of love for the talent website, I resigned from a private college, with a colleague, my first, my colleagues do not understand this, I told him I thought, I thought I had a little recognition of the value of, oh, that time is to feel love in this industry in, I sincerely invite, my colleague told me to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, I invested a little more, a little less he. Because he has worries.

then we started looking for office space, registered company, looking for office building is very high, is relatively good in the Xi’an area, latitude two Jiaotong University School of Medicine on the opposite side of the street Yang International Plaza, when considering some possible to carry out other business, we have registered a trade the company, as a professional Human Resources Inc requires approval of the pre license, we have no strength on the background of the two, registered trading company, hiring a technician and a specialist and two customer service began operations. In order to have a better operating conditions, we have to spend money to buy a set of procedures to set up their own talent network, a server, add up the cost of the yuan, distressed ah ~ ~ no way, had to buy the site program support video, network video recruitment we just do Xi’an characteristics — our first intention the.

because I do not understand the program, hiring a technician to do the program modification work, because originally bought art website program sucks, technician, the research program has spent half a month, but the work is very hard, to get to work at 7:50 every morning (our work time is 8:30 in the morning, promotion) responsible for website promotion specialist every day, just a few days, he is very confident to tell me about a week Baidu is collected, results in less than a week Baidu included, I specially opened will reward her, wages rose one hundred yuan, ha ha. Customer service, the day is here dawdle, not how to call customers, of course just up the site to pull customers is not realistic, but even if not to earn money from clients, telephone marketing can do promotion ah, after all, the phone is monthly, not to pay the phone bill. The telemarketing is not working well, so we are going to start making posters and sending business to the city village