What websites do good to make money

1. download class site:

advantages: it is easy to move up popularity, do not need a lot of publicity, updates do not like news,

disadvantages: too much, ha ha, in addition, if not to steal, you can consider how long your space. Therefore, individuals believe that the personal site is not appropriate to start relying on or occupy resources (space, bandwidth, manpower, etc.) too large project.

2. video categories:

is now anti piracy, royalty, lawsuit, careful to find you, long-term development potential is not big (personal opinion, for reference only)

3. forum chat room class:

if you’re not crazy about hobbies or hobbies, don’t waste your precious startup time

4. Literature: not too late to clear profit model, Luanjiang:


5. URL class: This is not bad, lazy mode is not updated, ha ha, how profitable is you have things,

6. portal category: admire, who is editor, reporter, technology, author, CEO, manager.. With one body, cow,


suggests site types that you can consider:

1. local professional service site: data rich, easy to manage, easy to succeed (very easy to be a large site acquisition, which is a question to consider)

2. applications based on the network: if you are very familiar with the network, and (nonsense) love garment (assumption), you can do an online clothing store, the products you need to on the street looking for a reason and you work with boutiques, they are the price of

you can operate, and wait for the profit, of course, you would like to introduce a tea site where you, I will not oppose… Ha ha, I know a 22 year old guy, 2 years ago, 350 yuan to buy a space, looking for a free store program, made a data line site, purchase, delivery center, are you a person, now do the monthly income net profit by 10 thousand.

Based on

3. network service: that is, like us, to provide space domain such as proxy service, I know a friend, in his college classmates in the forum to indulge in chat, when personal homepage, start from the beginning of a space, now every month can earn about 20 thousand, and more the better.

this time, more and more websites, has far exceeded the number of cattle, so make a website more easily; website promotion, more and more difficult. Recently, many netizens have turned to me for help. I don’t have much time. According to my own experience, I can list some of my own more useful ways for you to refer to,.

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