Looking for a partner is like falling in love to find out how to identify Ta and whether you really

Abstract: the founder’s time should be spent on something important. Equity allocation is one of them. How to do the equity allocation of partners how to do a good job exit mechanism 16 recommendations, the 3 model, the 1 equity health examination form. Help you sort out the underlying ideas. If you need to take away or friends, in:



founder of the time, it should be spent on important things. Equity allocation is one of them. How to take the team? How do equity partner allocation? How do the exit mechanism seven or eight? Give you 16 suggestions, 3 models, 1 equity health examination form. Help you sort out the underlying ideas. If you or your friends also need to start on the road side, take in:


what kind of partner are you looking for,


for what kind of people, suitable for partners, seven or eight suggestions to consider the 4 factors: first, mutual trust, the ability to complement each other, and the three is full time, and the four is to pay.


1, mutual trust

you are learning how to design a stake, your partner may be learning, how not to be designed by you: do you really like this

don’t open business partner and best friend talk?. Is not a good friend, you can partner to open the company? Entrepreneurial team to run on the specific things, together with the window, carrying a gun, together…… Appreciate your strengths, accept your weaknesses, have basic trust. Either the beginning is a good friend, or run into a good friend.

2, ability complementary

Liu Bei, Cao Cao, brother of the three partner of the venture, the boss of the boss of the equity structure, and so on, the pressure of the big mountain. Liu Bei and Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, bright venture partner, ownership structure of the big dick +, is good. The structure of the second eldest brother + de HUAWEI boss, summed up by the way is "embarrassed to kennedy".

boss, namely the wolf standard, must dare to attack, a clear understanding of the company’s strategic direction, with careful planning of work, determination and willpower, perseverance, and self sacrifice, can lead the team to achieve new breakthroughs.

The second is

, both of the behavior, good at management, through meticulous management, tear hole, to keep, intensive and meticulous farming, have the right to organize the implementation of intention execution.


complementary capabilities, in addition to the identity, but also need to consider is the division of labor within the team, such as the Tencent of Wuhu clear division of labor, Ma Huateng is responsible for the product and strategy, Zhang Zhidong Li Qing had been responsible for technology, responsible for sales.

3, full time +

looking for partners, third and fourth qualities that are required to be full