Who can win the future with the three force of SNS

social networking sites, there are three recent news, worthy of attention.

the first, thousand oak group clone happy net. Qianxiang lengbuding bought the domain name kaixin.com, the industry and the public outcry, most people think it is a bit cloudy, not authentic, but business is business, if fully buanpailichupai, not so lumpy business legend: multi.

second, sina SNS strategy officially launched. In fact, Sina space in the calm and quiet, and already carried out the SNS transformation and layout, the author in three or four months this year on Sina’s SNS strategy to do analysis, when Sina SNS has emerged. Therefore, now Sina flashed "global leading Chinese community network" signs, but also expected, the logical thing.

third, MySpace Chinese website development setback. Wendy Deng is married to Murdoch, Princess Cinderella story, but MySpace’s Chinese, but leave the word back, not long ago is Luo Chuan left rumors, One event succeeds another., according to a recent "business weekly" reported that the MySpace Chinese website (MySpace.cn) performance is very general; market research agency BDA China said in a report: "MySpace.cn did not even Chinese among the first-line SNS website list".


begins to say, the three news worthy of attention, the reason is that the three news of the protagonist, representing the currently active in the field of SNS three forces, their dynamic projection, and reflects a certain extent is the field of SNS. The incoming Chinese since the concept of SNS, and is popular in this field after fierce speculation, soon became the focus of capital chasing hot, and Internet business, has entered the field of fierce battle forces, summary, is mainly the three party.

first party school, occupation forces, and 51 as the representative of a group of. This group is relatively large, and there are two common characteristics, first, their blood is born with SNS gene, branded the SNS mark; second, they all belong to the native, although they all have similar foreign websites in the shadow of the appearance and the kernel, and in the process of development, some also accept foreign the capital of the transfusion, but their undeniable originality.

second party forces, Sina space, QQ space, represented by a group. This group is one of the few, but also has two characteristics, one is left, and SNS had little relationship, then look at the social concept of heat up, have the awareness to this team approach; second, there are many product lines for integration, so it has striking strength.

third party forces, MySpace.cn, I represent a group of tennis. The characteristics of this group can be summed up in two. First, they are commercial invaders, whose native language is not Chinese; secondly, they are the leading sons in their respective places of origin