Personal Adsense operators from the media must take root in a field

2016 can be described as a year since the media boom, in the media from the main two categories of people, a category is the elite of various industries, such people from the media can often live like a duck in water. Another category is the number of more grassroots, including many personal AdSense and SEO practitioners. Grassroots webmaster long-term loneliness in the status quo, survival worrying, making money is very difficult, and now from the media boom hit, but get together blind access from the media industry, does not mean that you can cock wire counter attack. As a new form of media, the value of the media and profit model need to continue to explore.


webmaster transition operation from the media, what advantages


from the professional skills, personal Adsense understand the site, promotion and other related knowledge, and most webmaster have certain literal expression ability. Since the value of the media is mainly reflected in the content, in short, it is necessary to write articles, of course, good writing of the webmaster is easier to transition from the media people. Now, Sohu, Baidu, hundreds of media platforms from more and more, it is not difficult to enter these platforms, but it is not easy to profit. There are many people who do not make money from the media, every day may be only a few dollars to more than ten yuan income. Since the media industry, although the threshold is relatively low, but to make money, but need to invest a lot of time and effort.

runs from the media as hard as the site

is good for media, not only for writing, but also for media people to understand their goals, audiences and readers. For example: film reviews related to the media, the target audience must be based on young people, should promptly comment on the current hot new film. Then from the media operators to choose their own theme, many individuals choose the Internet related topics. Although stationmaster to network sale, Internet relevant content is more familiar, but the reader that pays close attention to this kind of content is a colleague mostly. Finally, from the media, people must be interested and interested in a certain field, otherwise it will be difficult to persevere.

webmaster must be rich in industry related knowledge,

from the media to achieve success, there are two main ways, one is to become an elite of the industry, at least for a particular industry understanding. Two is from the media, the author’s writing is very good, can write a high amount of reading articles, may the article is not sharp point of view. But still attract readers to click, for example: headlines enough to attract attention, but such self media is difficult to long-term profit. Because the content does not have any value, just to cheat the user to click. Personal Adsense operators from the media, must take root in a field, and more to understand the relevant knowledge of the industry. Otherwise, it is difficult to write insightful articles.

compared to very professional industry articles, entertainment content more casual, but also more likely to be accepted by the public Internet users. For example: movies, music, literature and other fields, personal webmaster do not rigidly adhere to the Internet related topics. It should be based on individual interests and hobbies, to really drill