Reversing the history of new domain names is open to you

recently, China Telecom launched the deployment of its online business hall of the new domain name migration. It is reported that the domain name migration involves China Telecom online business office and related business website, the domain name will be changed from to For many years has been used domain name, if only from the list meaning interpretation, of course slightly ahead of The move by the China Telecom reflects its determination to develop its 189 day business and to give it the equivalent of its core business. But as long as a detailed analysis, regardless of the or, the two are all over the body, short board everywhere, China Telecom overwhelmed this change, is actually in the history of reversing.

trouble, but lose at the starting line

According to the

observation, the current China Telecom group and Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian and other provincial companies have begun migration to the new domain, mainly for online business business. In addition, the China Telecom to provide mail service site C network users also changed to

In addition to the

domain name change, online business website UI has also been greatly modified, compared to the past, the structure of a web page and plate have made the adjustment and integration, in the visual layout, user experience has improved a lot. At the same time, in the past to orange as the tone of the template for fresh and natural light green, refreshing. As can be seen, China Telecom this improvement indeed after some consideration, there is a wash the old tendency to decline. But the key did not handle properly, as the entrance of a website, the domain name is the first appearance of the enterprise, not only represents the image of the enterprise, to extend the connotation of the brand experience. In this sense, the China Telecom put the cart before the horse.

"positioning blur" – you deserve

as telecom operators, the official website and customer service phone is the company’s two major channels of communication with customers. For the domestic telecommunications industry with the big three, here to the trajectory of China Mobile as a reference model for longitudinal comparison and adjustment of China Telecom, in seeking common ground and clouds, see a wavering China Telecom.

is a China Telecom with customer service phone, customer service number has been since September 1, 2003, from the original "1000" upgrade to "10000 (No. 10 thousand)"; China Mobile from June 2006 18 will be adjusted from 1860 to 10086 customer service hotline. For the customer service number adjustment, perhaps there are changes in the national communications industry operating factors, but you can see that there is a unified deployment from the national level. And the watershed of the thing, appear in the home page after adjusting customer service hot line, domain name changes.

, a domain name management expert in China, has turned out some data, in July 15, 2010, China Mobile portal