Grassroots network entrepreneurship, virtual and parallel!

had a webmaster friends say, Internet entrepreneurs as detaner in the street! Regardless of the webmaster friends because of negative words, or because the network business has been hit hard to say, but it is not unreasonable.

engaged in the Internet project, now can only say a word "difficult", the two word is "hard"! The competition is too fierce, you think of a new idea, is operational, in fact, the Internet has been a similar project, the speed, so you can imagine, is mainly China many people, too many people on network, and China webmaster and good cooperation, what love to do, so he, exacerbated by fierce competition. In such a network environment, a webmaster, want to survive, it’s hard to


I think one year income Adsense venture one point if their money There are plenty of people who, spent? Continue to hold the "chicken ribs", to worry about dinner? So just took the webmaster friends say "Internet business is still in the street as detaner", or justified


said so much, that’s why it’s so hard to do a pure web project,


there is a webmaster friends talking again, "the Internet or do not do, do you want to do a combination of traditional industries and projects!" it is mentioned that I want to say "the parallel", in the network penetration of traditional industries, showing a smell in the traditional network. Here’s an example:

" sales of real goods Zhejiang traditional food enterprises in Hangzhou Greenfull Tianchang technology company launched the network game, consumers will be in Tianchang company "Datang Fengyun" network game to buy real green energy Sheng QQ jujube and beef jerky. Form the interactive docking between the network and the outside world, and realize the docking of "real life" and "virtual life" for the first time in the Internet era. The game player can order the real goods at the virtual food store in the game, through the special delivery system, can be immediately sent to the buyer’s hands, buyers may choose to pay before the credit card or goods to re payment. At the same time, Zhejiang’s traditional food enterprises, Sheng Sheng on the products sold on the package printed on "Datang Fengyun" word, the two sides to achieve a win-win situation. The profits exceeded expectations, "

of course, this example is certainly our grassroots webmaster unable to achieve, because we do not have such funds and strength, there is no such a circle, there is no such opportunities for cooperation, but it can make a point, and the traditional network has now integrated, pure to flow and survival of the station has significance not to flow and earn some living expenses only station in hard edge of life.

network project is not pure, but, in a word, difficult, too difficult, I do bubble webmaster Statistics (, has a profound experience, now an open shop to do business, do not know what technology, nor what a deep knowledge of the network, make a month "