Some thoughts and Thoughts on the operation of tourism websites

since 2010 January Shaanxi travel online line, so far it has been nearly half a year. In the six months time, the website from the initial bit by bit has been done, and now, the taste of which I am deeply aware of. I’ll talk about some of my personal experiences and feelings about traveling websites.

web site can not just do a cavity enthusiasm to do, do website first must well plan their website positioning, website positioning success or not, related to the future development of the web site and future destiny. I started to do local tourism websites, the website in the on-line early because the content is not how rich, so the main energy costs in the website content rich and found the problem on the location problem of supplement, website is still no deep thought. With the passage of time, the development of the site has become a serious problem, placed in front of me.

local tourism website to "travel" as the center, to fully tap the local tourism resources, tourism also includes more, local culture, delicacy, specialty snacks, folk customs, hotel reservations, travel routes recommended. It’s not a problem for companies that have the power to do so. It’s not easy for a small webmaster with limited income. So funding has become a limit to the development of the website.

purely tourism category information is also not good, and after the development of the site, or to strengthen the website’s user loyalty and recognition, and enhance user interaction. So what do you do with this? It requires a strong user interaction module, and the forum is a great way to build up your popularity. But for the forum, the restrictions are more stringent, so enhanced management of the administrator, and on the other hand, during this period of time, the forum is crazy to send a lot of water paste, it is difficult to maintain management. The only way to solve these problems is to add moderators to the forum, and strengthen the forum members and post management. The tourism website for ordinary webmaster operation of the website is just at the initial stage. There is not enough funds for volunteer moderators can only take so little money, have incentives for moderators, so they can not afford to arouse the enthusiasm of all sites, it is difficult to develop.

, in short, to do local websites should choose the development potential of large, relatively moderate competition class website, such personal webmaster can be a very good operation, wait for website development to a certain size, that time will be able to consider the long-term development of /p>! "The first kind:

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