How to operate in winter to send warmth

the weather is cold, people are not willing to go out, such as the store is still very cold, so I’m afraid there is no way to attract customers shop. The autumn wind blowing, yellow leaves, the winter has come. In the north of the city village, the people have been put on a cold winter; the stove, electric heater, air conditioner, fire, geothermal heating facilities every family have come in handy for the cold winter, people warm.

service industry has a popular phrase: customer is god". In fact, for "God" service, that is, for their own services. In the long winter, as the cigarette retailers, how to use the service to attract customers, "God" warm heart, let the customer into the store does not feel cold, do not feel cold? Provide the following "golden ideas", for reference and reference for retail colleagues……

maintain indoor temperature. Cold weather in winter. Customers go shopping like to go to the supermarket shopping. Because it’s warm. Thus, the heating conditions of the retail households, in the operating time, to maintain a certain indoor temperature, so that customers into the store, such as bathing spring, which is very important to improve customer desire to buy. Some shopkeepers in order to save electricity, do not open the air conditioning or only a short time to stop. On the face of it, this savings seems to save a lot of spending, but in fact outweigh the benefits, affecting business.

smile to the customer. Smile is a facial expression, but also closer to me away from the distance, the warmth of the people of silent advertising. In winter, the customer from the cold outside into the room, see the owner, the clerk smiling, polite greetings, will feel cool and warmth. On the contrary, both heating, but also make people cold. Of course, this is a smile from the heart, not the customer smiled a welcome, convergence smile, not because the customers do not buy or sell things too little, just a hint of a smile, frown.

don’t keep a eye on customers. Winter cold weather, the customer into the store wearing more clothes. Some shopkeepers in order to prevent the theft of goods, so that the clerk to wear cotton clothes to keep the eyes of customers, is often where the customer, the clerk will follow". Under tight surveillance, although the customer does not say, but certainly not happy. Perhaps the first time into the store, it will be the last time into the store. Therefore, the winter should pay special attention to the details of the operation.

the correct way is: to allow customers to choose goods, do not focus on the customer, if you want to buy a commodity, the clerk can walk into the customer, the introduction of the performance and use of goods. Of course, do not pay attention to the customer, does not mean to give up store security measures. On the one hand, in the shop to install video surveillance, burglar alarm, through technical security, enhance the safety factor of store operations. On the other hand, to strengthen the shop entrance ticket package and export system, if it is found that the suspects of theft of goods, to timely inquiry, but cannot be searched when necessary by police, public security law enforcement, so as not to provoke a lawsuit.