Fang Guoping talk about the Baidu Pro version

Baidu long publicity Baidu search and promote professional edition in April 20th has been fully on-line. In April 21st, I also participated in their annual tour the first station of Hangzhou Railway Station tour meeting. The meeting was extremely boring. Whether it’s a brief introduction or a speech by their chief executive, it’s good to hear that this upgrade is good, but I don’t know how good it is. Maybe my understanding.

I use Google AdWords background, the professional edition of Baidu and its control, simple to understand, Baidu professional edition is to imitate Google AdWords, said Baidu may not want to hear, in other words, this is the trend of bidding mode, so Baidu to do so.


Google AdWords function is powerful, many places are very human, that is to say, Baidu professional version than the old version (Classic Edition) function to provide many powerful data analysis report more user customizations; more, relatively flexible; key words matching method can provide improvement; multiple sets of advertising language.

, but from the user’s point of view, I feel more trouble, more complex, maybe used to the classic version of it. Most can feel is the price adjustment, can not refer to peer bid, can only "blind bid."". In addition, if the price of a word, in the classic version, can be in the management of Guan Jian word search, but in the professional edition, without this function, we must know the word in which plan in which unit, in order to search unit. You can only enter a module to search for keywords. Isn’t that "taking off your pants and farting"?. Is there only 30 words in a unit? Do you think the search function is great,


don’t know, colleagues, friends, your Google keyword average click cost to how much, we are much more than Baidu. I don’t believe that the competition among the competitors in Google is more intense than that of Baidu, and I think it is only the reason for the "blind bid". To tell the truth, Baidu make money too explicit, especially last year, that is simply condemning…… I feel the Baidu professional edition in a hurry, hundreds of thousands of customers, the number of words, a big move, the customer service agents also complain incessantly. Google search market share in China, I do not know, a few times less than Baidu, but relative income is much larger than Baidu, but few people scold Google, Baidu can not think about it?. In such a complex background, the Baidu Pro version was born, what a poor child.


in order to allow customers to use the professional version as soon as possible, to complete some of his "eyes", is several times higher this year to exhaust all the skills, the starting price, I have talked about some of the "Baidu keyword in high price the reason behind the suspect" in. Now, Baidu to agents have indicators, so that they can complete the number of customers in the prescribed time line rate. Customers have their own ideas, do not like Baidu professional edition of this child, so Baidu and move, which customers use professional edition, professional edition of consumption, in >