President, former financial secretary of Hongkong Nanfeng director Liang Jinsong AR VR will change t

Liang Jinsong once again appeared in front of the media vision, his identity is Nan Fung Group ceo.

June the weather in Hongkong has started some hot, Hongkong central club building 15 floor conference room, is hosting a conference for investment financing, Liang Jinsong representative, sit in the first row of the middle position.

hot weather so that the venue has a kind of sleepy atmosphere, the participants were absent from the meeting, only to hear the sound of air conditioning blower.

when the host said, welcome to Nan Fung Group CEO Liang Jinsong, the atmosphere of the venue once bustling, in front of the photographers who have stood up and started taking pictures.

"so he’s Liang Jinsong, I’m gonna send a circle of friends." A man who just ran to the front of the camera to take pictures.

The body is never short film

Liang Jinsong, whether it is early Chizha the financial sector in Hongkong or in the past, during the tenure of Hongkong Financial Secretary of Hong Kong is known as the "God of wealth" experience, he in the political and business two walk freely. In 2002, he married "Diving Queen" Fu Mingxia of the news public opinion he pushed in the teeth of the storm.

February 2014, resigned from the Blackstone Group Greater China President Liang Jinsong served as chief executive officer of Nanfeng group. Two years, Liang Jinsong put more emphasis on encouraging young people to entrepreneurship, led by Liang Jinsong in the last year, Nan Fung Group put $100 million.

talked about the life and work of the state, Liang Jinsong Sina said, "now I am very good, thank God gave me a wealth of experience, can now be used, I hope to give young people more opportunities and help."

"can work is the greatest blessing"

Liang Jinsong, who was born in 1952, is 64 years old, but he still has a working time of about 20 hours a day.

Liang Jinsong said with a smile, because it is not enough time to go home is always very late, his wife will curse, come back so late, the children are sleeping.

When talked about his wife Fu Mingxia, Liang Jinsong couldn’t help laughing. In 2002 Liang Jinsong married only a year and 26 years younger than their Fu Mingxia. The romance from the two person special status and disparity in age in Hongkong, the mainland will create a great sensation.

today, they have become a happy five person, although Mr Leung’s many students have already retired, but because his family was very young, so the average age of his life at the age of more than and 30, so he can just like young people feel the passion of entrepreneurship and hard work.

is precisely because of this, Liang Jinsong in the three and a half years after leaving the government to choose to join the financial circle.

in the beginning of the first year of rest, Liang Jinsong is enjoying retirement to bring him to relax, work 30 years >