Changzhou Huimin 21 new deal to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

2015, the local government to adjust the focus of entrepreneurship and employment, the policy efforts to tilt the direction of entrepreneurship, spawned a large number of innovative entrepreneurs, and give its business incubator subsidies and support.

deal clear, for college students, in recognition of human resources and Social Security Department of entrepreneurship training within 5 years of graduation of college graduates and the city household registration of unemployed workers, often in the first successful entrepreneurship and business license, will give a one-time business subsidies, subsidy standard of 6000 yuan (after being recognized in the stable business for 3 months and 1 years, every 3000 yuan of subsidies, the same personnel shall not repeat enjoy); to absorb within 5 years after graduation of university graduates or the urban registered unemployed persons in employment, signed a 1 year contract and the actual payment of more than 1 years of social security, within 3 years, according to each new drive 1 people are employed to give 3000 yuan of entrepreneurship employment subsidies, a cumulative maximum of not more than 100 thousand yuan.

of identified by the municipal, provincial and national college business park, were given 300 thousand yuan, 500 thousand yuan and 1 million yuan one-time special support; the business incubators identified (Students Pioneer Park), in accordance with the hatching success (in the base registration and hatching success, moving away from the base to continue operating 6 month or more) number of enterprises, give the incubation subsidy according to the standard of no more than 5000 yuan per household.

New Deal was developed and the optimization of the original employment policy, improve the subsidy standards, to extend the scope of the object and enjoy, enjoy the time extension policy, policy support efforts to further increase. For example, Small and micro businesses will expire by the end of 2015 to absorb the revised college graduates social insurance subsidies for long-term policy; the unemployment insurance fund will support enterprises to post steady policy extended to all eligible enterprises; the job subsidies adjusted to cover business subsidies extended to have been obtained, the object of college graduates graduation year national student loans, subsidies standard increased from 2016 to 1500 yuan per person; the registered unemployed special family members and retired military personnel into the scope of aid personnel employment difficulties, enjoy the corresponding employment support policies.