Hongkong is the latest Asian floor price of 960 thousand yuan per square metre of Luxury Apartments

, according to media reports, Hongkong is the latest Asian floor, a double Luxury Apartments priced at 960 thousand yuan per square meter, a new record.

according to the residential property sales information network, located in Henderson real estate development in the 39 conduit Road, 46 floor, block A, per square foot more than HK $100 thousand sold, broke the Asian record.

It is reported that the duplex

, Luxury Apartments, a total area of 5732 square feet (about 515.88 square meters), with a 1754 square feet (about 157.86 square meters) of the roof, the total price of HK $594 million 760 thousand, or $103 thousand and 800 per square foot (about 960 thousand yuan / square meters).

this unit turnover to replace Hongkong "Opus" (Opus) had a unit sold, to become Asia’s most expensive apartment. The listing price of the duplex unit is HK $646 million.

in June this year, a buyer at HK $95971 per square foot price, buy Swire Stubbs Road No. 53 in the development of the "Opus" a ground floor two and a unit price of HK $487 million. At that time, the apartment has become Asia’s most expensive. The deal also includes two parking spaces.

Nearly two weeks ago

in the secondary market has been on sale the seller frightened more than HK $1 million for sale, and a number of real estate developers are flat new market reaction.

lands at the same time, the price of HK $1 billion 690 million, will long piece of commercial land to the letter and home, the floor price of HK $3396 per square foot. Tuen Mun another residential wat the land at a price of HK $1 billion 50 million sold to ConventionalWisdom company, the floor price of HK $4008 per square foot.

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