What are the good rural entrepreneurship Read for you

era in the progressive development of independent entrepreneurship has become more and more people’s choice, but in the face of mixed market, in the face of many industries, people often can not start, the industry’s choice is uncertain. I believe there are a lot of friends living in the countryside are also going to venture, but for the choice of what kind of industry in order to make money, it becomes a problem. Below, Xiaobian for you to introduce a few good choice in rural entrepreneurship.

men’s underwear shop

said the woman’s money to make money, most clothing manufacturers and businesses will focus on women’s market, the male market has been in a state of neglect. This is evident from the professional men’s underwear store hot. Men’s underwear store investment is not much, mainly pavement, decoration and the first purchase of goods. There are some differences in the price of the pavement, but generally 5 million 100 thousand yuan to start. Men’s underwear store to choose the brand is critical. At present, the domestic men’s welcome men’s underwear has two main categories. One is the daily type. The other is the exaggerated style sexy underwear. Men’s underwear store location is very important.


catering industry due to the low investment threshold, strong outbreak, has been greatly welcomed by entrepreneurs. Catering industry experts believe that the current stage is still quite profitable to do food and beverage projects, entrepreneurs can give priority to the choice. For high school graduates, can start from a small catering business, and gradually accumulate experience and capital, and gradually become bigger and stronger enterprises.

open children’s bookstore

set up a specialized service in children’s bookstore, where to choose in the primary school campus near the operating room area of 20 square meters can, expenses primarily rent and liquidity. Children’s Bookstore Services should be based on pre-school children and primary school students, there are thousands of varieties of books can be. Currently on the market of children’s book issue is generally 54% off or 63% off, plus the mail order and other expenses, net income of books around 62% off in general, so you sold 100 yuan of books, you will get 30 yuan of profits. Of course, in the management of books at the same time, you can also run a number of primary school students stationery and other supplies, which will bring benefits to your bookstore.

children’s shop

Early childhood education in

has been paid more and more attention by many countries in the world, and it has been paid more and more attention in china. Statistics show that China’s 0-6 year old infants reached 140 million, of which the age of infants and young children in the town is about 52 million. According to conservative estimates, the town of 6 yuan per month for children under the age of education investment of $50, only the town of children’s education market spending up to $31 billion 200 million, while the current annual sales of the country’s early education is only a few billion yuan. Therefore, the domestic children’s education