Retail customers in the sale of new brands of cigarettes should pay attention to which points

any one market is constantly in the birth of the new brand, and how these new brands to sell out, which is naturally need to master some skills. At present, the tobacco business enterprises will be famous brand as one of the key cigarette sales, a lot of cigarette retail customers found that before the old brand imperceptibly fade out of the market, increasing brand new. How to sell these new brands of cigarettes, retail customers have become more concerned about the issue. The author believes that retail customers in the sale of cigarettes may wish to pay attention to the following points, perhaps unexpected harvest.

first, integrity management, to win consumer trust. We often say that honesty is the foundation of life, the work of this. In the process of cigarette sales, integrity management is very important, because only the integrity of management, in order to win the consumer to the store, the owner of the trust. And the trust of the customer to the shopkeeper is the primary condition of the new brand promotion. Only customers trust the store and the store owner, in order to store the goods and the owner of the goods are interested in the recommendation, is willing to try, buy, it is possible to become a new brand loyal consumers.

two, the lead demonstration, to attract the attention of consumers. Cigarette smoke is often the focus of attention of customers. If you smoke, may wish to start from their own, first try new brands of cigarettes. Customers see you smoke is they have not seen the smoke, generally will be more interested in it.

three, to cultivate. Intentions in the old customers to find a few more influential people, to train them to become a new brand spokesperson, so that they use their influence, affect the people around.

four, positive and enthusiastic, recommended. Retail customers themselves have a high enthusiasm for the new brand, and actively recommend. People are curious, when customers look at the new brand of cigarettes, if you can be recommended, it is possible to cultivate loyal supporters of a new brand of cigarettes; even when some consumers do not buy, you can also recommend to impress him, let him become a brand new potential customers.

five, usually pay attention to mining market information. This move to the middle and low brand new cigarettes more applicable. Retail customers usually pay attention to collecting information because this is the weddings and funerals, a good opportunity to improve the new brand of cigarette sales. If you can persuade customers to adopt a new brand of cigarettes, then you can take the opportunity to make more people understand the new brand of cigarettes, improve the visibility of the new brand of cigarettes, open the new brand of cigarettes market.

is also a new brand of cigarettes, different shops may show a different operating results. In fact, if we can grasp some of the skills, should pay attention to matters to be noted, which for the further development of the store business will have a very big help. So, if you are a retail store owner, the above Xiaobian