Who made money in 2013

2013 is about to pass, what did you gain this year? Is it from the dream of their own planning is getting closer. Who made money in 2013? Now, let’s take a look at it!


2013 China aunt dream golden years of the gold market, most be a "embarrassed". Since October 2012, the international price of gold on the market fell open bear market, from January 1st to December 3rd this year, the international price of gold has fallen by more than 25%. Period, the international price of gold fell out of the highest decline since 30 years, below the cost of gold mining, the domestic price of gold for the first time below the international price of gold, there has been a negative premium"…… There is no minimum, only lower".

5 months, the size of the balance of treasure from zero to 100 billion yuan, becoming the largest domestic monetary fund, equivalent to nearly 2  of the total size of all domestic 78 Monetary Fund; 0%. The balance of treasure to higher bank deposit interest rate (0.35%) of the annualized rate of return (3.5%-4%) for Alipay big money. Enterprise white-collar workers said that some of their own money to buy the bank’s financial products; the other part of the money to the balance of treasure, the higher the interest rate, and can be paid at any time and turn out, it is convenient not to charge fees.