What is the principle of enterprise naming

although the name of the company is to say there are some ways to learn, however, if you want to have a good name, but also need to comply with the relevant principles, so as to make the name of the work becomes more smooth. So, what is the principle of enterprise name?

1, the sound will not be very easy to read, easy to remember (called a "dragon", another is called "Ding Yu", it is easier to remember?


2, what is the name of the company? And the other company name will not be confused (no similar on the same street "Fu Lin", "Yong Lin", "Qing Lin", it would be chaos?


3, meaning the beautiful mood, in line with the company image ("Chanel" the mood is very suitable for its gorgeous corporate image?


4, what is the name of the company? Foreigners are easy to pronounce, easy to express in English (such as "that company" can be translated into "VenaCompany")

5, the name and the image of the industry all things will make people feel the contradiction (company name "scripture", is to sell products, fitness equipment, will give people the feeling very contradictory)

6, what is the name of the company? Second, immediately let people know what to sell goods (such as "Cihang company", "Pu Ji company", it is easy to think of Buddhist activities)

the company’s commodity approach does not appear in three forms:

: ask: like Sampo company, had "generous" gave one million yuan, wide world players "for God to a", and successfully opened a new company.


advertising company: the digital creative person with wisdom and ideas.

The company named

: in foreign countries, manufacturers name will find a professional company to project. These professional name company, completely replace the majority of the human brain with a computer, like the global name of the company’s annual turnover of more than tens of millions of dollars. Branch is located in Tokyo, New York, Meagan, Madrid, Seoul and other places.

The price of the

computer name is not cheap: if only the marketing of domestic brands, one is the United States thirty thousand, if the international marketing brand is five to $one hundred thousand. Professional computer company named, is really "a linguist, talented men still remained in concealment, and computer players, the author master actors, members and some imagination especially distinguished genius. Our results, often have a blockbuster brand.

in Japan, like Shiseido cosmetics, SONY, NEC, Fuji, Calpis >