Micro business is looking for the mother of the mother is a vertical subdivision of electricity supp

as long as there is a smart phone, you can do anything to make money.

from the circle of friends purchasing guerrillas to settle in various platforms micro shop regulars, micro business self change began to shake the rules of traditional business world.

maternal and child groups is no doubt that the current micro business venture hot. Business platform babe network won the $one hundred million financing for fame; cross-border electricity supplier honey bud baby was it real fund and Sequoia watch is very hot. The first time the promotion of venture capital companies often need to rely on the reputation of investors. Big V shop is the same, because it is the first investment in the fund, the platform at the end of last year began to get the attention of the market.

The original

media for children in Kazakhstan. Quite popular in the mother, he and another founder Wu Fanghua to do the big V shop is providing money and social platform for mom. This may sound a bit out of touch with reality – mothers seem to spend most of their time and energy on their children. However, the name of the big V store on the line three months after the end of the day, the registered users reached 150 thousand, about UV active day.

everyone needs to make money. Mothers in the big V store chain is both buyers and sellers. When a link to a commodity in the media to share out, and bring sales, big V shop will be shipped and commission. These can be done on the phone.

at the end of last year, Hong Thai fund founder Yu Minhong, on crutches in Zhongguancun for the mothers who had a child, education, the scene very warm. "I did not buy things on the micro business, but I am optimistic about the mother of this group." After the lecture, Yu Minhong told this reporter.

in the big V shop, the founder of the two looks, the mother’s characteristics are obvious: on the one hand to educate children; on the one hand, there are social learning needs. In addition, the mother is still the main force of household consumption.

After the emergence of

micro operators, this approach has been more common conspiracy marketing. Last year, ZTE launched a APP, the mobilization of 70 thousand employees to sell mobile phone marketing channels on the platform, will break up the whole into parts. Previously, WeChat began to carefully test the water circle of friends advertising, but also unexpected popularity. However, some are not targeted, the commodity link is thrown into the circle of friends is not very happy behavior.

in the accumulation of user stage, big V shop intends to weaken their micro business attributes. For example, the establishment of the city as a QQ group, the group administrator, represented by the mother, is responsible for the notification of all kinds of activities under the line as well as the views of mothers. The QQ group is very active, mothers in the exchange of parenting experience, encourage each other, and spontaneous activities organized under the line. These things, do not have to send a large V shop staff handle.

users to provide content and self-management, social networking platform business model is moving toward a new model of development. Based on the social needs of the vertical population born out of the micro business, more viscous, people always have the same characteristics of people with natural trust.