Successful people share with you

successful speech

2, success is the courage, once talked about on the train to Wenzhou people’s success, say three words, "courageous". In fact, it is courage, and can afford to put down, is the courage.

3, in this world, there is a group of people, open the newspaper, is their message, turn on the TV, is their message, the streets and lanes, talk is their message, as if the world is ready for them, they can summon wind and call for rain, equal to anything. Your goal should be to become a handful of people.

4, if you really love your parents, love your girlfriend, you go to fight, to fight it, so you can have the ability, economic conditions, free time, to accompany them, to love them.

5, the society is a fast fish eat slow, rather than slow fish eat fast.

6, the society is the winner takes all, loser nothing, society, always only heros in.

7, if you ask your friends, if ten people, nine people do not know, so, this is an opportunity, if ten people, nine people all know, is an industry.

8, any one industry, a market, are the first to have meat to eat, then soup did not drink.

10, while young, go out for a walk to see. Read ten thousand books, it is better to do thousands of miles, miles, not as numerous as reading.


11, dealing with people, listen more and talk less. That’s why God gave us a mouth with two ears.

In addition to

13, don’t you, to pack, the best way is to pick up a piece of brick, follow up, suddenly from behind him.

14, do not say bad words, it will let others think you not virtue, is willing to contact with you. Even contacts, but also perfunctory. Because of him