Xue Manzi investment company set up medical and Lulu taste Japanese company


technology news March 14th afternoon, when science and technology was held today since the founding of the first conference, launched the Internet sex toys brand LULU, and announced in Japan overseas strategy, R & D VR fun supplies. Feng Huaping also announced that its founder, has completed 40 million yuan A round of financing in August 2015, in addition to the angel investor Xue Manzi, A also introduced a round of capital, human capital and margin Rex Dfj DragonFund base.

In fact,

, which was founded in November 2014, the start-up companies, has launched the first interactive products – LULU robot in July 2015 Sina venture roadshow scene, and recommended to participate in Sina venture singularity University Chinese division selection.

He is the founder of

technology called letter brother "Feng Huaping, before the start of Jingdong marketing director. Because his wife was pregnant, Feng Huaping began to realize the huge opportunities implied by the taste of the market, decided to leave the business. Letter to Sina Technology Hua Ping said: "when his wife was pregnant, I tried almost all the fun supplies at home and abroad, but are not satisfied, and found this area just to be strong, big market, no giant, do not now, when? I want to be a robot, so she just like."

Since then, Xi Jinjia Ping Ping took away from Jingdong Jingdong human resources director Xue Shuyin, Jingdong big data expert

as a partner, responsible for human resources and technology. In order to show the determination of entrepreneurship, Feng Huaping and partners to invest millions of dollars per person, and the success of the famous domestic angel investors Xue Xue, won the latter angel investment.

now, with the main erotic chatter technology as the fulcrum, Feng Huaping has a joint China medical expert Ma Xiaonian, LVRI Chinese Li Xiaomu, established the Japan medical and Lulu lulu. On the one hand to expand from the field of interest to more effective health care, on the other hand, I hope to get a complete supply chain in the field of interest in the Japanese market resources. Feng Huaping said, Japan as the most important part of the overseas strategy chatter in science and technology R & D, have begun to taste VR products under the leadership of Li Xiaomu, soon held a press conference in Tokyo.

at present, China’s domestic Internet market sentiment raging, but there are not giant appear. Both have been working for 12 years in the industry in the hall, or during the year will be listed on the new board of his interest, have seen a huge opportunity to taste and fun supplies electricity supplier of intelligent appliances and health care as the representative of the market with the economic interest, but the concept of people based on the "just need to" the Internet is also a lack of brand appeal, "sunshine", more and more into the Bureau, at present are in strong Fengeng market stage, there is no giant appear. It is worth mentioning that he is the first to go, the establishment of China Internet branch in the overseas brand appeal. (Li Gen)