What are the precautions of the roast duck restaurant

roast duck as a delicious food market structure, has been a high popularity, if you want to successfully open such a shop, naturally there are more attention. So, what are the precautions of the roast duck restaurant?

open the roast duck restaurant preparatory work

, the owner needs to learn the production of duck. Learning techniques to be unique, and can be recognized in the market.

two, the roast duck market is different, people’s tastes are different, to prepare their own operating place in the presence of a variety of roast duck operating characteristics, tastes and dishes for investigation.

operating procedures and cost accounting

first step: look for pavement.

roast duck restaurant is a small business, the transfer fee and rent must be controlled, there is profit. It is particularly high for the flow of people, traffic transfer station, near the vegetable market, district lots, supermarkets outside the place is the best shop.

people to buy Lucai Roasted Duck is generally commuting, shopping and shopping smoothly when passing, not specifically to buy. For the Roasted Duck takeaway shop, and taste are two lifeline. Shop just 10 square meters, depth of about 2 meters, width of about 5 meters, the convenience of the dishes are presented in front of customers, but also to be able to have a large enough space seasoning, weighing.

to two inland city, the best transfer fee in the yuan, the monthly rent of thousand dollars below, or residential district population also has specific standards, the only way to ensure the profit. Specific site to listen to the views of professionals.

second steps: finding and arranging workshops.

in the vicinity of the shop to find workshops, the closer the better the pavement, you can save transportation costs. The bigger the room, the better it can store a large amount of raw materials. There is a courtyard or patio, which can burn coal, save fuel costs, but also easy to operate. To the inland city of two, for example, rent about $500.

third step: the purchase of equipment and various appliances.

a small roast duck restaurant to buy basic items to 4500 – 6000 yuan.

fourth step: decoration.

at the same time the production of signs, store layout, store decoration. Decoration to have distinctive features, to attract the attention of everyone, reflecting the special nature of the goods; do plastic light boxes, display tables, artificial stone countertops, partitions, painted walls, etc.. This entry >