Ningbo to create a new ecological Entrepreneurship

talent in the present society which is a very important, at the same time, a place to develop is not from the talent, in the Ningbo area will create a new ecological entrepreneurial environment, to promote the development of entrepreneurial activity.

This is

"Ningbo entrepreneurs" city of angels ", took me from a polytechnic male culture become entrepreneurs." "Returnees" Dr. Zhang Yanyong such a speech, said the Ningbo desperate, used to love the atmosphere. The day before, after attracting overseas high level talents of "3315 plan", Ningbo Zhaocaiyinzhi to seek new, the introduction of "talent development new 25".

Zhang Yan is a member of

by more than 6000 overseas returnees talent in the city of dreams. A few years ago, he came to the national high tech Zone, Ningbo, only a piece of his invention of the optical film unique process and formula, is no money, no plant, no management experience, three noes personnel. Now, he was in Ningbo shock Polytron Technologies Inc has become home to 7 factories, annual sales of over 400 million yuan of industry giants, occupied the LCD light film market of major mobile phone brands at home and abroad, he was among the "thousands of" talent.

in order to attract more talent and technology to Ningbo, using the industrial chain to attract, differentiated and innovative talents such as field talents innovation mode, to create "a group of talent brand project blue Chi Valley". Especially in the province to take the lead in planning the thousands of people plan industrial park, attracting thousands of countries, thousands of talent park two entrepreneurial. Currently, Yuyao park has 32 national talent, the 14 provincial talent led the project settled in 14, completed and put into operation in the 46. Ninghai Park, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo biological industry innovation center, Ningbo international biomedical research and development training center and other 23 key projects settled, the initial formation of the health industry cluster.

High quality talents "