Send food wealth life

now many city families are working for a family of two, children have to go to school, this is undoubtedly to buy food to bring trouble, the vegetable market vegetables too early, not to the whole, the work may be a little late, late. This situation to bring high in rich business opportunities, and he is so rich and realize their myths.

in advice after high army with 10 employees, the company holding the leaflets, handing out leaflets in the downtown streets, 10 o’clock in the morning on time, room set dish to the host family, in order to catch the high point, army and staff at two in the morning to get up, first to the wholesale market number of dishes, then sorting, cleaning, classification, packaging, and then arrange the employee of riding the bicycle.

in the high pay more attention to the behavior of the enterprise standard: send dish to come to exceed the customer specified time for 20% gold dishes; implement Baotuibaohuan, returned within 1 hours of complete varieties…… Good reputation and reputation, so that the rapid development of the company into an unprecedented situation.