Behind the fraud not just want to make a big news

, an agricultural electricity supplier transaction data was questioned fraud, a takeaway platform financing data was questioned fraud, a venture capital company was questioned fraud…… Recently, on the question of "false" emerge in an endless stream of entrepreneurship, once like start-ups like cooking oil fire this is due to the stock market is cooling, the more like was pouring a bucket of ice water in general.

in August 11th, a pencil public number and sorting out the financing data of Jingdong, unfamiliar street, jiubang digital, Qihoo 360, and other 14 enterprises have done in the pioneering period of fraud, which were followed by finishing data cited in the media "financial fraud" in the article. This has increased the industry’s uncertainty about the phenomenon of "fraud" in the industry, despite the fact that it was seen as a "hidden rule".

behind these fraud, hidden entrepreneurs who demand?

text / Wang first

this is a never missing label and the slogan of the era, including in the field of venture capital of entrepreneurial innovation ". And history to a few times the slogan shouted the loudest in similar situations, holding "more and more people start red book" boil / drink chicken soup for the senior, but observers found that chicken soup how pompous more and more concentrated flavor.

products follow the trend, financing exaggerated, data fraud, and so on and so on, can be listed in a venture PR Raiders, the voice of the noisy signal is getting lower and lower. In a recent period of time, a timetable, a takeaway platform, an agricultural trading platform for the founder of the problem were lip, a new round of financing crisis and operation fraud and other data have been pushed in the teeth of the storm.

what the hell is going on here,


who are saying what entrepreneurship pinoccio lies, lies behind the strategy is out of what kind of behavior, behavior may be what the consequences are, "honest" in this kind of environment in the end there is no market, why domestic venture will report false disclosure of data so serious? In this paper by science and technology NetEase for you.

fear of unnecessary saliva dispute, so the name of the investment institutions or venture companies do most of the mosaic processing.

a, which data is being false

1, the amount of financing

in the first half of this year, CEO O2O has a vertical platform mode in an interview on the science and technology NetEase Tucao domestic venture capital market on a data: in fact, B round of financing projects rarely reached 20 million, but now the market is blowing what the company A round of financing 50 million – in fact may melt the 5 million, or 5 million yuan of non financial was said to $5 million, or by 6 or 10 times."

coincidentally, just after a few days ago a difference will melt again according to the order of the alphabet takeaway platform came a big $630 million financing.