Would like to open two stores, how much money Open 2 yuan shop to earn money

face the pressure of life of young people, always open a shop, but can not afford to open shop, open shop cost how much? A small shop in the province is the most appropriate choice. 2 yuan shop business is hot for everyone to see, then how much money to open two yuan shop to open a $2 store to earn money? I’ll give you a count, to witness the miracle of the moment!

A, start input:

1, decoration and fees: 4000 yuan. 2, the first purchase: 15000 yuan. 3, join fee: 5000 yuan (if not join, this cost can be saved)

19000 in total investment of more than 24000 yuan ($2 or open shop to earn much money? Open 2 yuan shop?)

two, monthly expenditure:

1, rent: 1500 yuan / month. 2, employee wages: 2000 yuan / month. 3, taxes and fees: 200 yuan / month. 4, electricity: 300 yuan / month

Estimation of

Three Profits: (to keep turnover of 1000 yuan / day)

four, if will take the following measures to get more income:

1) choose a more prosperous store location; 2) choose larger stores; 3) into the novel low-cost goods to attract customers; 4) contact with the headquarters, to engage in promotional activities. How much does it cost to open two stores? Open 2 yuan to earn money?

store location is very important!

> 2 yuan