How to make the customer chenshang restaurants nine principles

Although there are a lot of restaurants in the

market, but in the evaluation of consumers is mixed, and some restaurants can get the customer’s praise, and some restaurants are so boring customers. As for entrepreneurs, how to make customer chenshang restaurants? Here to share nine principles.

A, aware of

The first thing

two, arranged in good order

three, strict in demands

, good service attitude

if the day when the guests curse you to your face, please do not reflect on their own place, because no busy business people to It is without rhyme or reason. to scold you. It’s better to spend your energy on solving problems than competing with your mouth.

six, the enemy

If a guest says to you, your restaurant is too expensive, the attitude is not good, never came again. Maybe it was just an accident. However, when the number of guests have to complain to you this question, we might as well go outside the market, or the restaurant next door to look at the market, is not we impose customer cost is really high, is not the link service where the problem is, where is the crux of the problem, we need to pay attention to how to to break through, to solve problems, and to seize market opportunities.

seven, there have a

if there is damage to the interests of customers, even if we are not in accordance with the original compensation, it is necessary to reduce their losses. Because the loss is not every day, perhaps that time, we lost, but our guests to keep, reputation is saved, to know that fame is more important than money. When you care about the money, you can