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breast is an important part of women’s health, some women will notice that their breasts are not the same, this is not a disease of the breast? Woman breast side big side small how to do? Following a small series together to see it!

woman breast big side small normal?

strictly speaking, a woman’s breast is large side, which is based on science, Japanese had applied gypsum in mature women, and then in the water inside the gypsum to calculate the size of the breast, found that every woman’s breast on both sides are not the same size. A woman breast can be caused by a variety of reasons, there are physiological and pathological. Temporary or permanent. Therefore, the treatment should be treated differently, the correct treatment.

1, developmental stage

adolescent girls on both sides of the breast can be a big one small, which is usually due to the body’s estrogen, progesterone, a strong sensitivity to the side of the first milk bud development, and the growth is faster and larger. The less sensitive side of the milk bud was stunted, but the growth was slower.

in the process of embryonic development, if breast dysplasia, adolescent breast development in the future, both sides will be significantly asymmetric breast dysplasia, one side will be significantly less than healthy. Generally speaking, this kind of situation will not affect the marriage, the birth and the feeding, but will have the certain influence to the feminine unique curve beauty.

2, maturity

With the development of

, both sides of the breast will gradually tend to symmetry. This phenomenon is not uncommon on both sides of the breast is not uncommon, which do not have to worry about, not to have surgery intervention, should be patient. After the mature two breasts are often slightly different, generally more than the left side of the right side, but the appearance is difficult to distinguish, only through careful measurement can be found. But there are a few young women showed significant differences, impede the appearance, then through the strengthening of the left chest exercise corrected.

3, lactation

nursing of women, if the nurse uniform for children during the lactation period will result in size, often eat there will be some big, and probably related to this.

breast is not as big as how to do?

1, usually consciously with the left hand, holding a weight not only strong left chest and increase the breast, and with his left arm, right hemisphere can promote the development of the chest, make you more intelligent.

2, with the right hand pressure on the left side of the breast, clockwise massage, 3 times a day, each time under 30, can also play a role in increasing the breast.

3, physical development, body shape, if the two sides of the breast a big one small disparity, the use of the above self correction method is invalid, you can consider surgery correction.

4, for significantly less than normal unilateral breast can be filled with silicone or fat.

breast a small what harm?

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