How to avoid failure to open glasses shop

although said shop business, there will be a failure of success. However, if we can master the relevant skills, the possibility of avoiding failure is very high. However, how to avoid the natural need to master the relevant skills. So, how to avoid the loss of glasses shop?

from the business point of view, any business has the possibility of success and failure, success is composed of a number of factors, and failure is likely to be a mistake in detail, this error is likely to be fatal. Glasses shop experiential training teacher for a few cases to tell you how to avoid the loss of glasses shop.

site error loss of half

glasses shop address can not be a deviation, otherwise it will seriously affect the flow and sales. According to a large city hospital near the opening of the optical shop Ms. Chen introduced, due to improper site selection, she insisted only a year after the glasses shop gave up. She recalled that at that time the nearest shop mostly located at the hospital gate around the side of the road, and she site because there is no more appropriate location, coupled with the lack of funds, they choose across the road small window shop.

originally wanted to drive the passenger with the advantage of the district glasses retail atmosphere is better, but then no matter how she deliberately plan publicity, are far from the previous assumption. The depth of dialysis its shop, the hospital around the door of the glasses shop is the most consumer access to the hospital.

and her glasses shop across the road, even if consumers see her exclusive store at the time of purchase, also because of passing through the road is not convenient, and no other surrounding shop and phase and give up on the store choice intention. It is clear that the barrier of the road has a fatal impact on the flow of people in her shop.

of course, there are many reasons for the location of errors, such as poor sanitation around the demolition of the situation did not understand the contract period is too short, etc.. Due to the large investment in the decoration of the glasses shop, so you must do a comprehensive understanding of the site, otherwise it will be difficult to remedy the investment.

blindly as cannon fodder

many people see others open shop to make money, you do not know what to put money in the shop, not ordinary retail industry, no technology is not possible without service will make customers satisfied, want to open shop, we must first go to the optician’s experiential training base to learn technology.

a small city has a strong brand glasses shop, where there have been two scattered operators. Listen to others said it may form a professional glasses distribution market, they think of their The early bird catches. Blindly, because there is no fixed source and supply, are not familiar with the location of the cultural consumption, and it has not formed a professional glasses market atmosphere, and it also.